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sky fall

So get this I found another one yes another water fall, a beautiful place to host picnics and just chill out with your loved ones without a care in the world, fyi for those looking for an ideal place to propose at look no further….Nyangombe falls is here to save you. With a series of surging waterfalls in the western corner of the Nyanga National Park, is yet another one of the abundant waterfalls within the terrains of Nyanga if not Zimbabwe. If I were you I would surely book myself into the Montclair hotel and ensure that I visit this breath-taking place, which is really a must-do act that you will definitely not regret about as you muse over your experience. Picture this, right next to the falls, the river torrents down the rocks into a naturally formed swimming pool and a sandy area known to the locals as the Brighton Beach yes Nyanga has its own beach.

From the From Rhodes Nyanga Hotel drive 8.4 kms. A short walk of 300 metres takes you to the Nyangombe Falls. Fear not, the fast running cold water is bilharzia free and safe to swim in. for those outdoor lovers you will find a picnic braai area, changing rooms, flush toilets and a parking area. The falls are an ideal place for photo shooting because you will be interacting with the falls and get this long back it was believed that if you wash your face with the water from the falls it would remove wrinkles and blemishes because of the water’s cleansing effect. Activities include well the most obvious being the World View which gives one of scenic views of places around Nyanga, Nyangani Mountain hike, this one is specifically for  the fitness fanatic tourists, view of Nyangwe Forts, Pungwe Falls, Mutarazi Falls, Zip line and the famous Skywalk.

just a reminder lol make sure you carry your cooler box and wallet and lots of sunscreen

In light of the recent corona outbreak please stay safe make sure you take precautionary measures that ensure you don’t get corona. Lots of love


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