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Hello November!!!

As we said goodbye to October last weekend, my fellow young relatives and I decided to say goodbye in a fashionable way. Initially our plan A was to visit Mazowe Dam, a few KZs out of Harare then we shifted to plan B which was PE dams only for us to shift again to plan C which was us attending the Fiesta Fiesta by Vianona, Friday night my brother called and I instantly knew that plan C was a bust. Ok fine so what’s next since everything else is literally going south? Little man assured me that Saturday was going to be lit regardless of the numerous hiccups.

So Saturday loaded up pretty nicely and I left home around 12.30 in the afternoon…destination unknown but who cares we are the Tourists after all. Found my brothers waiting for me in town with a bottle of Jameson, apparently they had found someone who was selling booze and he was accepting Zash( Zimbocash/cryptocurrency). Unfortunately we had to do a few rounds so as to get all the critical elements obviously we couldn’t drink straight from the bottle lol. While doing our rounds they then decided to tell me that we were going to watch a bit of Rugby by Belgravia Sports Club which for me was a bit exciting….might as well do a bit of sport tourism.

The rest of the day went by awesomely…I actually learnt new stuff about rugby, the matches we were watching were 7 aside teams which in turn weren’t also the normal full time rugby matches. After watching a few games we took a walk down the road and we bumped into Jah prayzah….I tell you the excitement was unmatched, we managed to get a few selfies and we were again on another adventure lol.

shout to @Zimbocash and @Jahprayzah you made my weekend, not forgetting the teams that participated by the Belgravia Sports club.

The _Tourist_ Zw

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