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Behind the Falls

Having become a permanent resident of Victoria Falls, well it’s a suiting title since I have visited the place more times than I can now count, I find that it still gives me joy knowing that a new adventure is about yo be unleashed.

The day started out normal, we made our way yo the town offices so as to get our border passes so as to be able to visit Livingston a do a bit of shopping and site seeing. There are two important things that you need to know, when you want a border pass which can be used instead of carrying your passport, you have to get to the offices before 8am as they only issue them between 8am – 10am, you need to have 50 bond for the border pass and don’t forget to carry your passport sized photos. We managed to get our passes and did a mini tour, I will definitely create a post dedicated to Livingston because it deserves it.

Now I really need to tell you about this place my mom discovered that’s right behind the main waterfalls. The place is located within the rainbow hotel and army barracks, it’s run by Zimparks and I have to tell you, it’s worth the trip to go and see. I would strongly recommend you get proper transport as it’s not easily accessible by foot. At the entrance you have to pay a fee of $5 but once you enter you can redeem the $5 either by getting drinks or braai.

The place is outdoor open area, where you can chill as a family or couple, they are still renovating it adding a few things here and there but be assured you can still have a good. They have food and drinks so don’t worry about that. They have a number of braai stands and braai Attendants so it’s all up to you. The first time around when my mom went there, they hadn’t installed a fence but I think, this is me just speculating, someone might have tried to swim with the fishes and it almost ended in tears.

If you are in Victoria Falls and you want a place that still feels like home that is Mereki then you need to make your way there. The name of the place is Rock Pool and it’s waiting for you.

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