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The Bush experience

Way back during my attachment year at Hwange Safari, I remember most of the trainees who were our seniors talking about the hotel hosting Bush dinners. In my head I literally thought it was one of those on the move in a game truck having to pass around plates of food to each other and enjoying the night drive, no I was mistaken and yes I eventually was picked to be a part of one a few weeks before being shifted to the kitchen.

The whole concept of a Bush dinner is eating in the wild, you out in the open sitter by a table enjoying your drinks and food, mind a three course meal by some half open space and bushy area under the Dete sky. I for one was very excited and scared a bit, you know how seniors start sharing stories of near misses with animals eg buffalos and elephants thankfully no lion stories otherwise it would have been a whole different story altogether.

Before leaving the hotel, we had to make that we had everything with us from the plates, forks to the yummy food and tables and chairs. We left around 4pm so as to setup everything for the guest, we weren’t far from the hotel as you could see a few things from where we’re based. Once by the sight we quickly put everything in order for our guests who were on their way back from their game drive. 

Everything was going smoothly then we heard a funny sound close by, mind you the only lighting we had were a few lamps by the tables and that was it, the guy I was working pulled me by the sleeve of my shirt and was pointing at something, in the dark I literally followed and saw a Grey shape a few meters away and at the same time that Grey shape started making weird sounds and this time around they were loud. The chicken me gave my legs power and both of us half ran to where the lights were, behind an elephant and its friends had decided to join us. The elephant leading its crew was huge and had started to flap its ears. One of the game drivers got onto his feet and tried to claim it down and leas it back to another pathway close by. It was one of the most scariest and exciting experience I have ever had but wouldn’t to go through ever again.

Little did I know that it was going to happen again

Photo Cred – Hwange Safari lodge

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