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I know its been a while but with the new standard of living we have to have time to go on an adventure of some sort. Over the years i have come to realize that there’s that one thing most of us never sit down to consider. We are always constantly on the move trying to survive rat race as most call it. 

Ever since the pandemic started one though has been literally living in my mind. Of the twenty something years on this earth i have never considered compiling a travel bucket list. My travels have always been at random and according to my budget. One trip that lives rent free in my mind is my Zambia trip when i was on attachment but thats a story for another day, in fact might end up having ‘the tourist ZM’ edition, zambian folk are fantastic hosts and a group of friendly people.

Back to the main agenda. Zimbabwe has been blessed with a number of tourist destinations both famous and hidden, my new and developed bucketlist is about properly touring and a bit of advertising of those unique places. Most are part and parcel of Zimparks where you can enjoy peace and adore nature at affordable prices. Others are privately owned but i tell money spent there is worth it, am talking about 5 star treatment, if you think am lying just ask shakira.

A bucklist is a must have for everyone regardless of age plus a mini budget. There are certain things you as an individual should experience before you expire. Explore the world a little bit whether on your own or with a loved one, unplug in fact go off the grid and come back after a week or two fully recharged.

Bucketlist coming through

The tourist zw 

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