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Diana’s pool

Ever heard of Diana’s pool? I know most would say no, I miss using emoji’s. Diana’s pool is the most amazing place you can visit, hidden in Umzingwane district southeast area of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second capital city. Situated 70 kilometres out of Bulawayo, what the heck I might as well give you the directions… From Bulawayo take the A6 towards Gwanda, but turn right at the turnoff just before Mawabeni  ( 57.5 Km peg) Drive the untarred road 10 Km to Esibomvu, turn left down a road 100 metres after  Esibomvu Clinic signposted Diana’s Pool 9 Km / Rhodes Indaba site 7 Km. Cross the Nsezi stream following the road, drive past the first road to the left, signposted Tshalimbe Primary School, down the road until you reach a dead-end, then continue on straight to where the road forks right to the signposted Indaba site, continue straight on. The signpost for Diana’s Pool states 1 Km, but it’s more like 3 Km, to get to the chalets follow the track over the rocks and across the stream bearing right for 100 metres. The road is suitable for ordinary vehicles, as long as they have good ground clearance. My first trip to Diana’s pool was awesome back in 2012, as part of our tourism curriculum. Never had I seen such a beauty. The pool alone is mesmerizing and you can go swimming but only for those who can swim. At the top of the pool there is a natural slide which goes down into the pool, we were warned before we jumped in that apparently 2 holes are directly beneath the slide so if you are not really careful you can drown!. Scary stuff aside Diana’s pool is the place to visit, so as to get away from the busy city life, whether you decide to go camping or take advantage of the Embizeni Chalets the choice is yours and I guarantee you disappointment is at 0. Star gazers you are also invited to take up this offer especially love birds as the view gets pretty romantic at night, not really sure what the setup is like when it’s raining but am sure you still get to enjoy the stars at night.

Besides tourist activities don’t forget to pass through the primary school and do a bit of charity work. The school, Tshalimbe Primary has been there for years, I was a part of a group of students who did a drive for the kids that is clothing, shoes, groceries amongst other things. It is important to give a helping hand whenever we can especially in the times we are living in. the local people are a nice bunch, usage of Ndebele and English is acceptable and trust me if you haven’t added Diana’s pool to your bucket list then you don’t know what you are missing out on……..


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  1. Hi Vicky, this is some amazing stuff. It’s actually my first time to hear about Diana’s pool and it got me thinking🤔, Zimbabwe has a lot of hidden spots that are yet to be discovered. Thanks a lot, I enjoyed reading this and wish to learn more.

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