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in the garden…..

Am not in the habit of forgetting names of places I have been to but I guess never say never lol. Last weekend thanks to my cousin who was getting married plus my sis the plug who got me in wink wink, I managed to be at yet another place that made fall in love with garden wedding again. We got there around half 2 to 3 but wow wow wooow, I just love how trees and lawns match outfits in December like ladies and gentlemen its matching time.

As you drive through to the main area of the venue, which it’s like a mini high terrain drive, walking in heels over that part is a no no trust I wouldn’t recommend it. Lush green grass perfectly mowed with the right amount of trees and flowers not forgetting the perfectly trimmed hedges has you thinking of a lazy afternoon walk through the garden. This is one venue I would recommend for all those who want their privacy minus the wedding/party function crashers, mind you, you have to hitch a ride, hire a taxis or ride your bike to the venue, I doubt kombis are brave enough to cut across to that area. The place is really big with a pond which you can take pictures by, close to the pond on the right side is a gazebo followed by a mini island of an assortment of trees, bushes and flowers. What really caught my eye was the different colors mixed together bringing out a picture perfect view plus the fact that it really wanted to rain with the thick dark grey clouds peeking from behind, made me think of one of those scenes you need to be physically present to appreciate the beauty. On the other side you will a courtyard big enough to host a DJ and guests and literally go crazy. With bushes and hedges covering that area you have to move a bit closer to the bushes to see the other side clearly. On the other other side is an open space where depending on the function you will be hosting, you can either has a tent pitched or leave it like that and be out in the open. Lastly parking area is catered for so don’t fret they literally have your back. The stuff there is really pleasant, matching uniforms and always happy to help which then makes the place a full package ready to entice you. So if you are thinking of hosting an event in the Borrowdale close to reekworth academy…..(I will try by all means to remember the name of the venue and post it in the comment section) be adventurous and really try that place or and I almost forgot security is available and take as many pictures as you can…….


Ps pond pictures with the farm view in the background are a must

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