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Christon bank

I love adventure but it really depends on the type of adventure on offer. My sister used to teach at a certain school in Harare……I come from a family with lots of teachers but anyway, at that particular school she used to teach rock climbing. It so happened I was also in Harare when she organised a trip to Christon bank some kilometres out of Harare close to Mazowe. Trust me this is one adventure I didn’t regret being a part of. Rock climbing for me is something I have always read about having grown up around coconuts, its one fascinating activity that combines strategy and stealth, I read too many books especially crime fighting lol.

Our journey was supposed to start at 8 am but you know how it is especially during weekends on a Saturday, Friday having been a school day, most people want to rest. Coming from Harare cbd I would recommend you use Mazowe road same one that passes through gateway high school right past the travel safe sign. Once out on the open road keep a look out for a sign on your right with a sign written Christon bank, take the right turn then keep travelling down that road until you get to the very end, make sure you have an instructor if you are not yet a pro at rock climbing. What really captured me was the views at top of the different I will call them rocks/ mini mountains, yes getting to the top was difficult but worth it. One advantage was the fact that we went on this trip beginning of the year around February and you know how February and lush green trees go hand in hand, mother natures’ perfect combo picture perfect no disappointments there. Our group included 4 teachers, an instructor, 8 students and 1 party crasher, yours truly. Some of the students proved to pros and really enjoyed the climb, am not even going to mention my sister you already she’s a pro hands down. Each of the rocks we did a climb on gave us different views of the area and for me being my first there I felt at peace literally wanted to stay there out in the bush at one with nature. The view I loved the most was the one with the lake that view is to die for. A combination of different colours from the trees and then the greenish blues hue of the lake plus the sun…..oh wow, you need to see it for yourself to believe. Our adventure ended at 4pm and no I wore the wrong shoes so couldn’t climb ps airmax and rock climbing not a good match.

Besides rock climbing there are wedding venues that is Makorero hills and inspiration park venue. Christon bank is mostly a plot area for those interested in agriculture and other activities. So if you happen to be traveling within that area let curiosity get the better of you, you never know………..


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