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in the mountains

i love nature, for me its a home away from home, i feeling i cant really describe but its something you know once you are in that environment. growing up in a family of travelers, i started appreciating going for holidays in remote areas like literally out in the quiet serene place where can think and relax….

another place i grew to love was Vumba. Situated more or less 25 km south east of Mutare, you will find Vumba (Bvumba). popularly known as the Vumba mountains, for the local people and am talking about those who stay in that are, they are referred to as the “Mountains of the Mist”. Bvumba being the Shona word for “mist” for those who didn’t know. As so often the early morning starts with a mist which usually clears by mid-morning but this also depends on the season and no am not joking, last time i was there mist was all over the place towards night fall. Although lying mostly within Zimbabwe, the mountains extend north-eastward to Mount Vumba (or Monte Vumba) in Mozambique. On the Zimbabwean side, the Mountains are accessible by a tarred road from Mutare but be warned for those who have used the Boterekwa route, Bulawayo – Esigodini or Kariba route yes vumba road is also like that, if you are not a fan of rides along the mountain please take sleeping tablets. Vumba is one place that deserves recognition, really beautiful tourist destination worth visiting with friends, family and workmates for those who want to bond. love birds, yes you go to Vumba get that quality together time.

dont worry about accommodation, vumba has your back. with a wide variety to cater for your needs from self catering lodges to hotels, places like Vumba inn, Eden lodge, Forest hills lodge, Musangano or better yet try Airbnb will be able to able to accommodate you as well as cater for all your needs. activities may include this also depends on your desires underline the word desires, Bunga Forest Botanical Reserve which can be found on the southern slopes is a National Park with a abundance of 30 hectares of unspoiled indigenous wilderness and woodland, golfing, a visit to the botanical gardens, hiking, horse riding, bird watching or most people’s favorite, good old fashioned sleeping. according to my tourism knowledge most people get time during the festive season but i strongly recommend you travel during off peak season when everyone has disappeared and trust me you will thank me later……..


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