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lost in the jungle

Its bush season!!!! Hahaha am joking, so I have this place I know of that’s almost literally in the middle of nowhere I repeat almost in the middle of nowhere. So this particular place can be found between Bulawayo and Hwange and it goes by the name of cross Mabale. Cross Mabale comprises of a bottle store and few other shop but it the route opposite these shops that promise you a journey of a life time.

So coming from Bulawayo you turn left whilst coming from Victoria Falls the road is to your right. Down that road is a wide variety of surprises depending on the season you visit that place, on a good you will find elephants, buffalos and lions minding their business up and down the road to your destination. I remember during my attachment year just after we had supper by the canteen, one of my co trainees came running to the canteen, apparently a lion had been spotted guarding’s kill along the road, boy oh boy you can imagine the reaction, luckily one of the guides was on his way to take a look and we all hoped on to the truck and as they say the rest is history. Within that area you can find different types of accommodation depending on what really tickles your desire. Such fine establishments that can be found there are the likes of Ivory Lodge, Somalisa, Gango, detema safari lodge, Ngamo lodge, Hwange main camp and of course the famous Hwange Safari lodge. Most of the safari drives usually begin and end by the Saf lodge as it has its own arena which gives you an awesome view that also includes a water hole where all the animals gather especially during the dry season.

Activities include game viewing, bird watching, hiking, normal nature walks or my personal favourite when in the bush….sleeping and lazing around and trust me the environment demands you such. If booked by the Hwange safari lodge, make sure you get a room by rutanda, room number 247, 201,101 or 147 those are the best rooms with unlimited views but you know it’s just my opinion, you can go crazy. Game drives are a must at night for those who love not knowing what you are going to come across but if you are not a night owl, game drives are on offer all day just book in advance fyi the guides are pretty cool people. When booking make sure you also get the snacks, the kitchen staff is amazing, one of a kind. Bush dinners are a must, once in a life time experience which will blow your mind. Make you book in advance so as to enjoy an evening out in the wild with the stars above you.

You can always visit the small town of Dete. Cute town in the middle of nowhere with a variety of locals who speak Ndebele, Tonga, nambia as well as English, friendly people I must say plenty of hospitality. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the national park, like what’s the point of visiting the area if you are going to avoid seeing the national park.


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