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on the beach

Zimbabwe maybe landlocked but did you know we have a beach, no no not one of those manmade wanna be beaches, nah am talking about clad in a bikini with sand in your shoes kinda beach and it can only be found in one place…..Binga.

Binga is home to a number of activities and is the proud home of the Batonga tribe. I personally know Binga for its fish and rich traditional practices that have managed to survive in the modern world we live in nowadays. I also believe in sharing historical information for the better appreciation of a place such as Binga so here we go. Binga is a district found on the south eastern shore of Lake Kariba in the beautiful province of Matebeleland north in Zimbabwe. Binga was built mainly to rehouse the Batonga people who were left homeless after their homelands were flooded when Lake Kariba was created way back in the late 50s. Due to the remoteness of the district, it has become one of the forgotten treasures despite its leading attractiveness when it comes to tourism and wildlife resources in the country. The major Tourist attractions include the general Zambezi River viewing, The only sand beach in Zimbabwe, Hot springs, fishing, crocodile farm, game reserves, Chijalile Pass, Swamps in the Simatelele Ward area, several stunning gorges, natural rock outcrops just to mention a few so as to tickle your fancy. Roads are poor of course especially when one is using the kamativi route which is not for low profile cars or the faint hearted but what’s the point really it’s all part of the adventure, farmland is limited but vegetation is still in its best condition when compared to most districts in the country.

I know most of you are wondering about accommodation, don’t worry the Batonga have your back literally. Top on the list is the very much popular Airbnb, followed by Kulizwe lodge, Chilila cottages, Binga rest camp and Lakeview inn. I really need to stress this point that for all those who are fish lovers like myself, boat cruisers, sun basking addicts, learners as well as traditionalist pay Binga a visit and trust me it’s going to be worth it.


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