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Adrenaline junkies where you at? Boyyy do I have a special treat for you today. Am sure most of you have bungee jumped while in Victoria Falls but have you done the skywalk? Yes am talking about having all that gear wrapped around your body then walking down a narrow bridge made of wood suspended in mid-air…….I doubt and that means you haven’t really lived yet.

Mutarazi falls is known to be the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe, second highest in Africa and seventeenth highest in the world. Imagine yourself taking a walk through its shady green forest as you take in the rich clashing of colours whilst admiring nature, which then leads you to the view point that dazzles you beyond your imagination with its breath taking views over the honde valley, a feeling that you can only feel and fail to find words that fully describe it and I present to you the Mutarazi falls. 11.5 Kilometres from Pungwe Falls, the Mutarazi Falls is located in the Mutarazi National Park neighbouring to the southern border of the Nyanga National Park in Zimbabwe and is governed jointly with the Nyanga National Park. Visitors are allowed to leave their cars at the car park and embark on a 600 metre walk to the edge of the escarpment for outstanding views of the waterfalls and the Honde Valley, which is some 800 metres below. The path is reasonably easy to navigate, but you have to be careful as there are rocks and steps to trip the unwary and visitors are warned not to get too close to the sheer cliff edge for safety reasons. From the Pungwe drift turnoff follow the scenic road south keeping to the main road: 7.1 KM turn left onto road marked Mutarazi Falls, 11.2 KM pass Far and Wide Activity Centre, 12.25 KM pass turn off for Honde Valley view point, 14.2 KM reach Mutarazi Falls car park. The Mutarazi Falls view point is approximately a 600 metres walk from the car park. If the directions are too complicated just take advantage of google maps… makes life easier, if not there is the old fashioned way, just ask for directions.

Activities include the famous skywalk, river rafting, bugging, zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking and game viewing, you can never get bored while you are in the valley. As for accommodation don’t fret, book yourself a place at the Mutarazi cottages or pamushana cottage and let the adventure begin.

Ps make sure you go there with lots of energy and camera space plus good vibes


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