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Lost in the ruins

So waay back when I was doing a level, part of the course involved educational tours better known as trips. It matter if the trip was going to be for 12 hours, the fact that we were not going to be in class on a Friday was motivation enough. Mind you this was exactly why I chose to study tourism like who doesn’t like the idea of travelling.

Our very first class outing was to khami ruins and yes this was my first time and I literally lost my cool. Located 22 kms west of the city of kings and queens, according to history the ruins were once the capital of the Kalanga Kingdom of Butwa of the Torwa dynasty. It is now a national monument, and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. How about that, am sure most of you never considered those facts. Did you know that the settlement that we see today was an advance of the architectural form that was later on became the blueprint of the famous great Zimbabwe. Khami symbols an innovation that acknowledged the environment in which was built. Geographically the stone found at Khami (laminar granite) during the era it was built in was different from that found in other areas of Zimbabwe (biotite). So what does it really look like, khami comprises of seven built-up areas which were the residence of the royal family with open areas in the valley occupied by the commoners. The complex includes circular plus terraced, artificial platforms encased by dry stone walls. The gorgeously decorated 6m-high by 68m-long retaining wall of the precipice platform bears a checkerboard design along its entire length. The platforms, rising 2–7m above the ground, carried Dhaka (clay) huts and courtyards where those of lower status lived. The remnants of cattle kraals and huts for ordinary people can be seen below the Hill Complex.

I know most of you are getting impatient but for to fully appreciate the ruins you need to know the history and it so happens am a good story teller. Now for the activities, the ruins are more of a historical artefact so no there’s no jumping up and down bungee jumping but, laid back history absorbing session where you get to move around and marvel at what the oldies got up to back in the day. Accommodation wise am sure the city of kings will not disappoint you. The likes of holiday inn, rainbow hotel, Cresta hotel not forgetting Airbnb will cater for all your needs.

Ps carry your wallet, entrance fee is a requirement


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