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It’s been a while…..i know I kind of disappeared enjoying life a bit but guess who’s back, shout out to the city of kings and queens, it’s always an amazing experience being in blues, however back to the main adventure at hand. so there’s this park hidden in Shamva, for me it’s still new having not known about it all this time like hello where have you been hiding all this time.

Made up of 760 square kms is Umfurudzi Park with breath-taking thanks to Mother Nature natural beauty and bio diversity. According to my records, the park was founded in 1981 and wait for it…..was the first ever park to be formed in the newly independent Zimbabwe, mind blowing I know that a piece of elegant history right there. So the park is currently being run by Zimparks so don’t worry about standards, Zimparks does not disappoint trust me on that. Most of you are dying to know the directions, so coming from Harare, use enterprise road right down that road until you get to the tollgate. Immediately after the tollgate turn left in the direction of Shamva for about 100kms make sure you are travelling on a tarred road, right through Shamva town into Madziwa Mine and teachers training College. Once you get to Madziwa Mine turn right. Travel for about 100m, pass through the shopping centre, and then turn left just after the flea market. Go for about 150m until you get to a tar road, turn left and then travel for another 12 kms along a tarred road to Umfurudzi park gate, the office is about 8kms away from the main entrance along a dust road. Don’t worry about your car the road is user friendly.

Activities include hiking, walking, game drives, fishing and swimming. Accommodation wise campers where at lol, tents, chalets so much to choose from, personally I wouldn’t mind trying them all enhancing the experience if you know what I mean. For those on education tours take time to appreciate the geography, wildlife as well as archaeology lessons you can draw from this enchanting place. As we live in a world where we should be conscious about our environment, the practice of eco-tourism is key and Umfurudzi Park prides itself on being a part of the ecotourism club. They also believe in giving back to the community for further development which makes Umfurudzi even more attractive.

p.s relax when get there disconnect please!!


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