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its a bridal thing

Before mobile phones, we used to take pictures using cameras not these fancy professional photoshoot kinda cameras no ordinary ones which you could find in almost every household. I recently came across a picture of my mum and dad during one of our many family trips, they did look happy but it’s the background that had me walking down memory lane……introducing Chimanimani’s very own bridal falls or veil depending on which part of the village you are coming from lol.

Located in the mountains right above the town of Chimanimani Zimbabwe, 4 kms from Chimanimani Village as well as within the boundaries of Chimanimani National Park. The falls are famous for their breath-taking beauty and remoteness like literally remote which is beneficial to the rest of us far from the city center madness. The bridal falls have become a popular site and touring destination for photographers and Eco tourists. Back in 2019, it was feared that heavy rains which ravaged most of the Chimanimani area had destroyed the falls but Mother Nature was looking out for the place and the falls remained intact. Did you know that the pool that forms below the falls is known as Tessa’s Pool? Yes that’s the official name, how cool is that. Right for those waiting for directions from Mutare take the Chimanimani Road heading south, 66.5 km you then turn left onto the A10 Road, after 79.5 kms turn right and continue on the A10, roughly after 129.60 kms turn left for Chimanimani, travel for about 148.30 km until you reach Chimanimani village, then a further 151.0 kms you will arrive at your final destination……. The Bridal Veil Falls. What I love about the falls is the calming effect they have once you set your eyes on them, yes we have the Victoria falls but this different in its own unique way and it’s in Chimanimani evergreen environment, which geographers who literally have a field day on…just saying.

Activities include Sightseeing, nature walks, Braai, picnic, camping and my favourite sun busking if lizards can do it why not the rest of us. As for accommodation they have place like the bridal falls cottage, frog and fern cottages, heaven lodge, Chimanimani hotel and the popular Chimanimani national park a little bit of everything for everyone. So get your loved ones friends, family cats and dogs and enjoy a little bit of nature.

Cooler boxes, wallets, towels and bathing suits and your fun bundle you are good to go


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