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Fancy a cuppa?

Little known fact there different types of tourism, yes most people don’t even know it but the different trips you find yourself on have name tags. The list maybe long I can always give you the famous ones, take for example religious tourism, dark tourism fyi not that dark dark kind of tourism but its somewhere there, virtual tourism which am trying to promote lol am joking as well as educational which most of us have managed to enjoy throughout our school career.

My focus today is on agriculture tourism. Yeah yeah I know someone out there reading this is busy screaming that does not exist, well then my dear kind sir or madam it does and it right here in our backyard. Amongst the green colour of the eastern highlands mountains lays a plantation but it’s not just an ordinary planation, it’s the plantation where tea is grown. This type of tea has been in Zimbabwe for a number of years, crossing from generation to generation quenching tea lovers’ thirst over and over again and them never getting over their love for their tea. The plantation is known as honde valley tea estate. coming from Mutare, you will find a turn-off which is about 50 km along the road towards Nyanga The road into the valley is tarred and twists and turns steeply as it drops 800 meters in about 20 kms off the tarred road, there are good dust roads which service most parts of the Valley but I strongly recommend you use a 4×4 vehicle it’s safer. Important facts that might tickle your fancy, the Honde Valley extends from the eastern border of Zimbabwe into Mozambique. The valley is also formed as part of the Eastern Highlands mountain range. The valley is about 130 kms from Mutare and 110 kilometres from Nyanga. Geographers already know this but for those wishing to visit the valley at least you should know, Honde Valley climate falls within the Savannah sub, so basically from late October to maybe end of April, the weather is known to be hot and humid. Temperatures may rise up to 28 ˚C which literally translates to lots of rainfall is received within that region. From May to the beginning of July, the temperatures are very low and they may play around minimums of 2 ˚C while August is very windy like the rest of the country. This portion of the country receives the highest rainfall.

So be adventures and drink a cuppa at the honde valley tea estate plus lots of fresh air


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