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its a sibling thing part 1

Diverting a bit, I couldn’t help myself I just had to. So basically zimbabwe share to amazing tourist attactrations, one being a natural 7th wonder in the world and the other a man made dam that has been a source of water, food as well as electricity for a very very long time like way before I was even a concept. So which one will it today?, my name sake or my favorite fishing spot………

it all started in 1956, construction of the dam began on the 6th of November, excavation of the dam had initially began in September of the same year before initial construction, engineers started of the foundations for the dam and powerhouse for the power station on the south bank. The brains behind the design was the French engineer and inventor Andre Coyne. As it stands Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake and reservoir, the dam lies 1,300 kilometres upstream from the Indian Ocean, along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe so yeah it’s more like sisters sharing toys. Most do wonder where the name Kariba comes from, the name Kariba loosely translates to Kariva/ karinga which means trap, the term having been derived from the rock protruding out from the gorge. Kariba is one place full of mystery and beliefs that have been told over and over by the Batonga tribe that still resides in the area. I have heard stories through the many presentations done by different tour guides of mythical snakes that protect the area. The story I believe has different versions but they all lead to the same conclusion. Before the construction of the dam there lived a snake that literally lived in the lake and swam between the two countries, the snake is believed to have had a mate, a female companion/partner. These two snakes got separated once construction began, and in a fit of rage the snake struck the dam wall and a flood so great that it caused damage and loss of life befell the inhabitants of Kariba. Traditional healers and doctors were consulted as many of the dead could not be located for proper burial, to make matters worse construction was put off for a bit. It is believed that those who consulted the healers were told that the Gods were angry and needed to be appeased in order to recover those who had lost their lives. A tribute of two black bulls had to lead into the lake just by the edge. The very next day bodies were found floating on the lake…………….

      To be continued

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