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its a sibling thing part 2

The beautiful town of Kariba is located in Mashonaland west province in Zimbabwe, right next to the famous Kariba Dam at the north-eastern end of Lake Kariba, near the Zambian border. The town was mainly established for the purpose of housing workers who were constructing the dam in the mid to late 1950s and construction was carried out by Costain.  After the completion of the dam and as well as the power station, quite a few impressive monuments were erected in the early 1960s an example is my personal favourite the Roman Catholic church (St Barbara)   located at the Kariba Heights and next to the church you will find the Pat McClean Theatre named after Patricia McClean who was a well-known wealthy resident of Kariba Heights. I remember the last time I was in Kariba my little brother really wanted to take a tour of the heights and we were given a flimsy excuse, something about not having enough brake fluid or was it that the car brakes needed to be replaced I don’t know, all I remember is that I was kinda ticked off like what’s the point of going on holiday if we aint going site seeing. Anyway we got to boat cruising gosh the sunset, the sunset in Kariba is to die for especially when you are out on the lake or the carribea bay sandy beach…..yes that one the pink if not mauve hotel on the shore with sand and everyone running all over the place.

There are sooo many places you can visit when in Kariba, fishing is one family activity you can enjoy or you can pretend to be James bond for the day and go to the casino for a bit of gambling, I know you thought I was going to talk about some spying activities and what not, this is zim my guy no such thing unless you spying on your neighbour whose having a braai without inviting you. For those who love road tripping jump into Zambia for a bit but really recommend you use the border post in Kariba rather than the chirundu one. I kind of diverted from the main issue, so activities include game drive, floodplains, crocodile farm, day trips on the lake, Stuff for the kids, Kariba bream farm which is just a 10 minute drive from warthogs. As for accommodation they have everything for everyone shout out to Dzimbabwe lodge which has a spectacular view of the lake, tamarind lodge their hospitality is top notch and for those privacy freaks book a place at tamarind, oh there is the carribea bay hotel (Africansun) for those who really want the 3-4 star treatment, lake safari lodge, kariba safari lodge, eden houseboat, baobob houseboat, Airbnb, hornbill lodge, nyanyana cottages and wild heritage

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