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chilling by the creek

The first thing I think of is Dawson creek, famous tv show with Katie Holmes I think lol my memory is getting a bit hazy in terms of the actual details, all I remember is that fans literally went crazy watching the series too bad it ended.. Ok back to the main adventure at hand, Sanganai creek actually has another that it is known by which is Mazvikadei. So let me combine the two both the dam and resort so that you get a better appreciation of the area.

 Mazvikadei Dam is a dam found in Zimbabwe main purpose is to provide water for farm irrigation and guess what It is the third largest dam in Zimbabwe like imagine we might be landlocked but we sure have a collection of dams. Initial construction of the dam began in 1985, three contractors were in charge of the project, and the main contractor was CMC di Ravenna. Local subcontractors were also hired for the project, K. W. Blasting was in charge of tunnelling and hard excavation. The construction was concluded in 1988 and the reservoir was filled for the first time in 1990. Built on the Mukwadzi River north of Banket not Blanket I know most of you will confuse the two.  The dam has a storage capacity of 360 million cubic metres with a surface area of 2 300 hectares when full. The major irrigated crop back then when farms were still functional was winter wheat, however small amounts were used to complement rainfall on summer crops such as maize and tobacco,

The dam is a popular weekend resort and yes they have amenities for visitors

Finally my favourite part……..the tourism haven part

Located 17km from Banket, you will find Mazvikadei Leisure Resort and Conference Centre imagine it’s just over an hours’ drive from Harare. Most of you who don’t know, you get to use the main Kariba road between the commercial farmlands of Banket and Raffingora, being a tourist I didn’t know there was a place by the name of Raffingora but oh well. This resort has on offer unmatched conference facilities, which is quite refreshing as there are in a remote area  totally detached from the distractions of town/city life, the resort has on offer complete relaxation and for those who don’t want gate crashers like myself, you can host out of town functions in peace. When it comes to Mazvikadei Resort you will find a fusion of African bush, sheltering in the shade of indigenous trees plus getting to enjoy nature walks or even relaxing by the pool. So basically for those in looking for a place to host a party at, wedding, team building sessions, school trips and any other monkey business Sanganai creek is waiting for you


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