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The city of progress

Varsity life with the right kind of friends is very fascinating. Imagine four years of pure pleasure, out and about before the real world comes around knocking…bummer I know.
I had the privilege of spending my four years in the city of progress, yes the lovely city of gweru. Yeah yeah I know most of you actually consider the place to be small and boring with little to no activity at all but what you don’t know is that the city of progress comes alive at night. First year first week, friends and I went to a number of places, mind you we had just finished getting registered and we thought why not. Our first stop was yellow gate a really small corner with yes a yellow gate, inside was a sitting area and a number of braai stands, the food was good and once we were done we headed straight to the most popular hot spot in town…downtown bar popularly known as DT. All I can say is we had fun. Fast forward to second year, it being the last semester at school before attachment everyone gets to become a little crazy! First port of call was club eclipse back then it was on point music and all, we had fun up until half eleven and then we moved to bowling club. Every student knows about bowling club and mind you so many clubs have closed but bowling remains undefeated. We danced till around 3am…..that weekend was the best ever.
Fourth year was a bit of a drag, yeah most people usually come back from attachment loaded and on the hunt which is fine but during that time the economy wasn’t looking up but that doesn’t mean we couldnt party. One of my friends decided to go out for her birthday and that’s how we ended up at the barn. Mind you the barn was lit, we had fun ended up going home around 12am…student life lol. For our farewell party we went to Gango which is next to some famous club can’t even remember the name but it’s close to some railway stuff.
To be honest I miss school well the fun part of it but anyway it’s all part of the process of growing up.


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