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I rarely go out anymore, i am still trying to understand whats going on. When i do go out it has to be very important or worth it. On this mini town adventure am going to take you way way back like 2019 back.

My first year in harare was pretty much exciting. In my head i had made in turns of all the events that i was going to be attending . Mind you this was the year of social gatherings, ok fine let me jog your memory Castle lager braaifest, Colour run and this uptown gig i keep forgetting its name but dont worry i will definitely remember the name later. Unfortunately 2018 wasnt so good due to the cholera outbreak so i ended up not attending the famous braaifest which in turn had been cancelled, dont even ask about the colour run, i still get teary eyes just by thinking about it.

Fastforward to 2019, again i missed the colour run but i wasnt going to miss the braaifest, i mean what kind. I had my plan set, i was going to attend regardless of situation and guess what i did…alone lol. Not that it matters, i enjoyed every minute of it in fact i ended up meeting up a couple of friends and it became lit. I am still touched about tue tshirt situation two years no tshirt but oh well.
The braaifest is an annual event hosted by castle lager. Am talking about braai stands full of meat, mini bars around and the music..oh my the music its just a marvel. Silly me i almost forgot the most important detail…the venue. Every year the fest has always been hosted by the club, milton park area on your way to avondale along bishop gaul road harare. Its one of the most important events of the year and most attended too. I strongly dont recommend going with children there mostly under the age of thirteen in fact lets just say sixteen without adult supervision.
I decided to get there, not even going to tell you the time lol, got in, got my food and sat by my corner and started enjoying the different activities that were happening around. I have to say kudos to the organisers i mean the months it takes to organise and have a successful event like that…..i cant even find the right words to use to acknowledge that kind of talent. Sadly for me i had to go back home early you know them things about curfew and stuff and to think the line of the artists that were going to perform Takura, Exq amongst others.

Shout out to Delta beverages, Castle lager, Zifm and crew thank you, you guys are the best

Until next time

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