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Walk by the dam

Its been years since i paid a visit to the famous hillside dams, in fact i only visited the place once when i was still a youthie of the Dutch reformed back in 2009! but anyway thats a story for another day. One thing that know is that unplanned adventures are usually the best adventures that leave you with memories you never thought you would have, for me it was last week saturday and i have to say i no in fact we enjoyed ourselves. Our adventure started off around 2pm and ended at 6pm, i am still blaming the cold, the place gets really cold when the sun sets. There are a number of trails around the dams and for those who believe in team building, the area has you covered.

Located in the beautiful surbub of Hillside as well as the marvelous city of Kings and Queens…koBulawayo, Hillside dams has been in existence for quite sometime.The Hillside Dams’ history dates way back to the Stone Age era as there have been a number of Stone Age tools and rock shelters that have been discovered within the area. According to history, in the 19th century the dam was one of King Lobengula’s favourite villages to relax at. In the year of 1895, Rhodesian workers started constructing infrastructure for commercial water supply. It was then that the name Hillside Dams was adopted after completion of the structures in 1898. However the structure collapsed.In 1924 the Hillside Dams were then  sold to Bulawayo City Council and the dams for water supply were then changed. Thereafter the area became a low density residential suburb known as Hillside. In 1942 Hillside Dams was designated as a National Monument. There are two dams with two different entrances, one dam not much activity takes place and has restuarants closeby and the other well lets just say you will know when you get there.

Activities include Canoeing, Ziplining, Barbecuing, Fishing, Nature Walk and Picnics. One place you should make sure you pass by is the Hillside hideout that place dope, unfortunately we kind of missed out on having a bite out of their burgers as they close around 4pm, we were enjoying the nature walk, you really loose yourself as you admire the nature around you. We managed to get to eat the pizza and i have to say the could give the Italians a run for their money. 

Hillside dams is family friendly and worth visiting, the place has a cool and calming effect that makes you want to set camp and never leave. Entrance fee for children is a dollar, two dollars for adults and all vehicles pay a fee as well. Make sure you carry a cooler box with lots of meat, drinks and chairs. Dont forget to carry comfortable shoes, heels are definitely not recommended. Hararians i understand you are missing out, if you are planning on having a fabulous weekend the city of kings is waiting for you, by the end of the day am sure most of you will definitely relocate.

Shout out to Hillside Hideout

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