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Rocky Mountain

There is something about the Matabeleland region that breathes tourism life to one’s soul. Having grown up in Bulawayo, I have always appreciated the culture and vibe that comes with it, fun filled and exciting activities that will keep drawing you back literally every weekend without fail.

So last Saturday my friends and I went on a mini adventure, to think I have always considered myself as the ultimate know it all tourist but no, I was in for a surprise. Lumene Falls is a little to unknown yet spectacular tourist attraction hidden very well  in Umzingwane District and any visitor to this eye catching  place will be treated to a fantastic scenery as the sun is neatly embraced by two adjoined mountains as it steadily recedes into the horizon, creating a golden glow. Located in the Bezha Village, Esigodini in the Mzingwane district of the Matabeleland South province of Zimbabwe.

The place is breathtaking and amazing, the kind of place where in as much as you want to take lots of pictures, it just feels like the camera isn’t doing much justice at all. The waterfall alone has this calming effect that’s a bit different from the various waterfalls I have seen before. The rock formation is beyond the word artistic and I know for a fact my Geo teacher mum would have had a field day whilst on the trip. 

I know many of you can’t wait to visit the place so I might as well give you the directions, so here is  my  how to get to Lumene Falls in Esigodini, Zimbabwe. Please make sure that you are traveling  along the Bulawayo-Beitbridge road, then you branch off at the Mtshabezi Dam, You will then find the road leading to Lumene Falls about 20km along the Mawabeni Mtshabezi Road, for us It did take us a couple of attempts to get to the particular part of the woods that would take us the falls but we finally made it. Rumour has it that the Falls are stunning during the rain season, hint hint for those who haven’t decided on where to go for their Christmas adventure 😀. 

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