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Each country has its own unique story of the different struggle and path they took to attain their independence. For us Africans, it’s a milestone that we take privilege in celebrating every year. It’s a time we remember the loved ones we lost and the sacrifices they made for us to be the born free generation. We get to hear different stories of how each groupings of people across the country contributed to the now post independence Era that we live in.

I know this would have been an ideal post for Heros day but I kind of enjoyed it too much and decided to give it my all on an ordinary day like today. Growing up we used to see the main heroes acre located in Harare via the TV during special occasions, that is when a hero was being buried or on Hero’s which is a public holiday in August like super close to the weekend so you can imagine. The reason why I called it the main is because each province in Zimbabwe has an acre of its own, they too are important shrines that have become home to a number of our heroes throughout the years. Every Time I would visit Harare, I would make sure to sit on the right side of the bus or car just to catch a glimpse of the entrance. The site fascinated me beyond imagination, I have an artistic mind lol even the sight of ice melting gets me fired up. The day I finally walked through those gates was beyond anything I had hoped for, in simpler terms I was super excited. For those who have never visited the place, there is a small museum by the corner and trust me it’s worth going through before visiting the main event.

The museum is full of history as well as artifacts you won’t find in most history books. After the short detour, I strongly recommend you drive to the burial site as it is a bit further away from the museum, give or take 1.5 to 2 kilometers away. The burial area is huge and I am not talking about football field huge….no it’s really big like super big. The TV set used to make it look really small but in person it’s really big. The artist behind the design read the assignment and understood. The huge statues are right in the middle and the Graves are in an arc like formation, I was told the theme they used was that of an Ak47, more like the magazine part of it. Most of you am sure are waiting for directions, so if you are coming from cbd district please use Bulawayo road, more like you are about to leave Harare you will definitely not miss it and for those coming from other towns into Harare, its along Harare road a bit after Westlea and Kuwadzana.

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